Photos of Exhibition on Opening Day

Tracy Spencer's 2 chair Sculptures, Susan Alta Martin's Mainstreets, DRFIT (cardboard tunnel)

Susan Alta Martin’s Mainstreets with smoke from Travis Donovan’s Smolder piece (tobacco/fog machine)

Cici Stevens unearthed glass jars in the left enclave of the stone fireplace, where wood was once stored. (Image is sideways, sorry!)

Joshua Bienko and John Powers’ column of history books, Michael Jordan’s childhood home, projection of Jordan playing basketball; in the foreground is Jordan’s donated jersey, photo and card “with compliments of….” found in the basement’s Chapel Hill Historical Society’s archives.

Jeff Waites’ “Emancipated NC Slaves”

Andrew Johnson’s “Lying Blanket” (rubber snakes painted white), Travis Donovan’s “Smolder” and Cici Stevens fireplace

Jordan Essoe’s painting of children playing in a refugee resettlement camp in Colombia

Found painting in the old Chapel Hill Museum, fig root added by elin o’Hara slavick + Amy White

Heather Gordon’s paintings of 1st + 2nd Amendments in binary code

Michael Webster’s installation about an arsoned church in Greenville, NC. He has proposed rebuilding the belltower in a new park in Greenville and the proposal has been approved.

Detail of Michael Webster’s room

Left and right views of the 2D room…..

Michael Gurganus photos on left; Paul Valadez’s “Border”

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